Website Team


History for creation of the website

After the establishment of the St Addai Parish with the purchase of the church building in South Auckland at its present site in Papatoetoe in 2005 and with the continuous work in the church with activities such as the publication of ‘Star of the Sea’ magazine in 2006. The magazine gave the church an outlet to share with the parish and community its news and contributions and to be a link with all others in New Zealand. Towards the end of 2007 the parish was looking for other means to spread the news using the technology available to its parishioners and to all others worldwide. From here the idea for a website was being formed with talks happening between the parish priest, Fr Fawzi Koro and Mr Namir Amso who started voluntarily collecting information and data to start a plan for a website with some technical steps taken by Mr Amso alone in the first instance. It is noted here that the website creation idea came earlier in September 2005 from the parish council in the North Shore but due to technical difficulties the idea was not progressed any further and was stopped.

Work started up again and with the beginning of 2009 others joined this cause to work on a church website whom were volunteers and they were Waseem Hermiz, Senan Zaia, Ranny Kettoola, Ayad Wazy and Rana Gourges. All wanted to work for the benefit of the church and for the creation of the website. The main points were discussed and agreed upon which were the name of the website, the design, the main tabs, home page and contents plus other things. These were all discussed over long hours and many, many meetings sometimes ending up at midnight or even using telephone conferencing with some members or even at one stage over Skype with one member who was overseas at the time. This was in addition to the e-mails sent to each other discussing points not discussed at meetings or new ideas and suggestions or even to fix a technical problem. With the beginning of 2010, a plan was put in place to have a basic website ready for launch by the feast of St Addai the Apostle on 2nd of May 2010. From that plan a list was drawn up for all members to take on special areas and complete it within deadlines and according to their time and effort given by each team member. This was for both the Arabic and English sections of the website so that in the beginning most information can be comparative on launch date to be beneficial for all generations.

We hope that our work is the start of a series to document our local news, announcements, activities and events happening at the parish and community level for the benefit of the site readers and visitors.

We wish to thank the Catholic Diocese of Auckland with its Bishop Patrick Dunn at its head for the opportunity to have space and a domain on their diocesan server for our parish website to be held in.

In the end we say “whatever we did we did our duty as we are unworthy servants” and it is glory that is given to Our Lord.

Here is a selection of some photos below.