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The beginnings started with a number of preparatory meetings that led to the first formal meeting taking place on July 27, 2006 at the house of the parish priest of St Addai Chaldean church. This led to the writing of the main points for publishing a magazine for the parish which includes news and activities of the parish in New Zealand. The meeting also specified the name, logo and the sections of the magazine scheduled to be published in both Arabic and English languages. The current magazine has 48 pages, black and white, in addition to the cover pages both internal and external being in colour.

Star of the Sea arabic

The magazine is published biannually concentrating on religious, social and cultural issues usually issued in June and December of each year with its first issue published in December 2006 with a front cover of the front of the St Addai the Apostle church.

The title of the magazine was chosen to be “Star of the Sea” a symbol of the Virgin Mary patron of New Zealand which is situated in the middle of seas. The logo carries the image of the Virgin Mary with her eye on New Zealand in which we live in (which is symbolized by the green map) and in the top right the star of the east, which is the symbol of the country that we came from (Mesopotamia – Iraq) where the emergence of the star of the Magi in the east, that pointed to the place of the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ.


The editorial board was formed under the chairmanship of Father Fawzi Koro and its membership consists of Senan Zaia, Niran Iskandar, Thamer Lasso. The task of designing the cover is under the creative leadership of Laith Yalda, Qusay Hanna (who left the magazine after a certain period due to work outside New Zealand) and he was replaced by Bashar Matti. Those that perform linguistic checks on articles are Mr Bassim Hanna Petros (Arabic language) and Mr. Shawkat Zaia Murad (English language).

Star of the Sea english

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It is from the Lord that all the grace, love and peace be given to all hearts.