Readings: 3rd Sunday of Moses


Quote of the Week:

“Why are you afraid, O little in faith?”


Sunday Reading:

1st Reading/ Deuteronomy 13: 12- 18

A reading from the  Book of Deuteronomy” Barick-Mar

If, in one of your cities which the Lord your God will give to you as a habitation, you hear someone say: ‘The sons of Belial have departed from your midst, and they have persuaded the inhabitants of their city, and they have said: “Let us go, and serve strange gods,” ’ which you have not known: inquire carefully and diligently, seeking the truth of the matter. And if you find that what was said is certain, and that this abomination is a work which has been perpetrated, you shall promptly strike down the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword. And you shall destroy it, along with all the things that are in it, even the flocks. Then all the household goods which are there, you shall gather together in the midst of its streets, and you shall set fire to these, along with the city itself, so that you may consume everything for the Lord your God, and so that it may be an everlasting tomb. It shall no longer be built up. And there shall remain nothing of that anathema in your hand, so that the Lord may turn from the wrath of his fury, and may take pity on you, and may multiply you, just as he swore to your fathers, when you will heed the voice of the Lord your God, keeping all his precepts, which I am entrusting to you this day, so that you may do what is pleasing in the sight of the Lord your God.”………Amen


2nd Reading / Galatians6: 1- 10

A reading from the Letter of St. Paul to Galatians: “Barick-Mar”.

And, brothers, if a man has been overtaken by any offense, you who are spiritual should instruct someone like this with a spirit of leniency, considering that you yourselves might also be tempted. Carry one another’s burdens, and so shall you fulfil the law of Christ. For if anyone considers himself to be something, though he may be nothing, he deceives himself. So let each one prove his own work. And in this way, he shall have glory in himself only, and not in another. For each one shall carry his own burden. And let him who is being taught the Word discuss it with him who is teaching it to him, in every good way. Do not choose to wander astray. God is not to be ridiculed. For whatever a man will have sown, that also shall he reap. For whoever sows in his flesh, from the flesh he shall also reap corruption. But whoever sows in the Spirit, from the Spirit he shall reap eternal life. And so, let us not be deficient in doing good. For in due time, we shall reap without fail. Therefore, while we have time, we should do good works toward everyone, and most of all toward those who are of the household of the faith.

Reader: The grace and peace be with you all brothers. Amen.



Gospel Reading/ Matthew 13: 24-27

Reader: The grace and peace be with you all brothers. Amen.

And climbing into a boat, his disciples followed him. And behold, a great tempest occurred in the sea, so much so that the boat was covered with waves; yet truly, he was sleeping. And his disciples drew near to him, and they awakened him, saying: “Lord, save us, we are perishing.” And Jesus said to them, “Why are you afraid, O little in faith?” Then rising up, he commanded the winds, and the sea. And a great tranquillity occurred. Moreover, the men wondered, saying: “What kind of man is this? For even the winds and the sea obey him by that way.

Priest: Glory be to God for ever...P: Glory be to Christ Our Lord.